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Water Park Resort Ahmednagar

Looking for a perfect water fun weekend with your friends or family? Make a visit to Vanrai Village Resort, one of the most popular and top water parks in Ahmednagar.                                                                                                          
Vanrai Village Resort Water Park Ahmednagar

Water Park     

Vanrai Village Resort offers you best water park facility in Ahmednagar to relax and chill. Bring your friends and family for an escape from your daily busy schedule.

Bullet Water slide

It’s a swiping slide. It’s known as a bullet, because like a bullet, it swipes you in a flash of a second. Kids find it very thrilling because they relate to it very well as this kind of slide is usually found in almost every playground

Zig-Zag Water Slide

This water ride is shaped in a zig-zag form. A person gets swiped all through the zig-zag way in a high speed and ends up in the pool with a falling splash! The zig-zag motion, speed and the sudden bang in the pool, makes this slide very exciting.

Swimming pool Umbrella, Rain dance:

A separate Swimming pool for kids, Umbrella, Rain dance available with nonstop music. 

Coming to activities we follow Safety First rule during fun times.